Plain language and the historical rain shadow

“I have a theory about the Internet,” said John Maxwell. “Oh?” I took a sip of my coffee and sat back. “Go on…” “See, everything before, say, 1970 is old enough to be interesting history, so people have posted that information online. And everything after 1995 is already on the Internet. But there’s this rain … Continue reading “Plain language and the historical rain shadow”

PubPro 2013 recap

Managing editors and publication production managers from across BC gathered at SFU Harbour Centre on Saturday for the first ever PubPro unconference. We had representatives from educational publishers, trade book publishers, self-publishers, magazine publishers, journal publishers, technical publishers, course developers, communications departments, and more. The day kicked off with session pitches: participants interested in presenting … Continue reading “PubPro 2013 recap”

Elemental editorial checklists

Waaay the hell back, I posted this tribute to the dependable, indispensable checklist, and I promised to return with more posts about creating effective editorial checklists. A bunch of events and conferences and book reviews took priority, and the checklist got pushed to the back burner. So before it gets boiled dry, here’s the first … Continue reading “Elemental editorial checklists”

Oh wiki, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow my mind

In my consulting work, one question I always ask my clients is, “Do you have a central repository for your editorial information?” If not, I say, get one. (And by posting this, I’m pretty much giving away the farm here.) If all of the editing is done in house, this repository could be as simple … Continue reading “Oh wiki, you’re so fine; you’re so fine you blow my mind”