Lorna Fadden—Language Detectives II (EAC-BC meeting)

After speaking at well-attended EAC-BC meeting in 2012, forensic linguist Lorna Fadden returned to the stage last week for a highly anticipated follow-up. “I hope I don’t disappoint you,” she said. “You know when a sequel comes out, and it sucks?” With an opening like that, Fadden had no cause for concern. Fadden lectures in the … Continue reading “Lorna Fadden—Language Detectives II (EAC-BC meeting)”

Crimes involving words: some recent cases

Dr. Lorna Fadden captivated the audience at Wednesday evening’s November EAC-BC meeting with her fascinating talk about forensic linguistics. Dr. Fadden is an assistant professor of linguistics at SFU and also runs a consultancy as a forensic linguist, analyzing language evidence for law enforcement and legal counsel in criminal or civil cases. Examples of crimes … Continue reading “Crimes involving words: some recent cases”